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's right to an equal education, or every brother who challenges the law that keeps his sister from owning property, or opening a business, or every husband, who not only promises that the cycle of domestic violence can stop with him, but who proves it. i see that courage. i see that hope in every woman on this stage, and you will learn that in a moment. in a testimony of the four honorees who cannot be here today because of the repression and the intimidation that still festers around the world. i see how much work we still have to do and so do you. one of the awardees is in hiding, another is in prison. 5 we present a fourth award for a brave woman whose life was brazenly stolen by brutal violence. their cause is our cause. women's issues, as we know, are more than just women's issues. they are family issues. they are economic issues. they are security issues. they are justice issues. they matter to all of us men, as well as women, boys as well as girls, those who live in free countries, as well as those who don't. that is why, including with the work of secretary clinton, and ambassador
to the streets of moscow. they're protesting against a new law banning u.s. citizens from adopting russian children. lawmakers in russia's parliament passed it in december. it was drafted to retaliate against a new u.s. law that restricts russian officers from entering the country if they are accused of abusing human rights. at a news conference, president vladimir putin spoke to russian and foreign journalists for 4 1/2 hours. many reporters were critical. >> translator: don't you feel guilty about getting children, the weakest, involved in political disputes? >> translator: russian children should be raised in russia. >> reporter: as president of russia, putin signed the legislation into law and authorities have already canceled adoptions that were in progress while the legislation was going through the system. to see how the law is affecting children, we traveled to a childcare facility in st. petersburg. 75 children live here. many are ill or have physical disabilities. this boy has down's syndrome. the 4-year-old wants to be by a but with the new law in effect, timothy may not be goin
environmental law, which you could say, the same would be true of many other branches of law where the appellate system has become so sluggish, so slow, that often by the time a question finally gets resolved, in an appellate court, particularly the supreme court, the practical utility of the resolution is obsolete, because life has been moving along much faster underneath. is that another dimension of this problem? >> it is certainly a problem. again, quo tote -- to quote winston churchill, it is a terrible system. it is just better than any other one. i met with the brazilian supreme court. they have just met with the united states supreme court less than a month ago to deal with their issues. in brazil, every matter that comes before the supreme court of brazil, they had 80,000 cases last year, 80,000, obviously, no justice. you cannot have a system that wants to review 80,000 cases. i do think our appellate system could use some tweaking, but by and large, the florida -- i am not sure i agree with that -- almost certainly respected -- the florida supreme court's motto is, you'll appreciate t
of the minutes. that is what the law says and the reading of it says that and that is what is ruled. >> in the case that we are actually talking about, which is the second case on here, which i then took or i asked for the library commission discussed it and said can we do this and mr. herrera said you can and the city attorney said that it is okay and they decided to discontinue and disregard the order of the task force. i then brought the case against specifically mr. herrera and under the facts and findings of fact and conclusions of law, the task force stated specifically that the task force further noted that the statement should be in the body of the minutes to prevent the public officials from unlawfully abridging critical public comment. >> at that point, and i made dozens of points before the library commission for which he extended and i asked you to look at the law and read the law and determine what it means to you and look at the who decisions that have been issued by the task force saying that in the minutes means that in the body of the minutes and stated why they did
to proceed through all of the other ones. because i am hearing suppositions being made not based on the law, i think that it the law would do this or this law should do this or i am hearing those kinds statements instead of referring to the law as it applies. mr. gibner you are wrong, we have document storage, whether it is stored at iron mountain or dt in a back up system it is the same thing and there is a requirement for retention and when or wherever that retention is, it must be requested no matter what the location is. whether there is no policy, or it is not a matter of policy, the law specifically states that the retrieval of those records must be had whether they are in a person's hand or not. whether they are in storage or someplace else. the only thing that can't be retrieved are ones that can be destroyed. okay? those are the only ones. now, if you are going to take the retention policy, as the law, that is even more concerning because you have not even determined whether it is correct or not. and i stated under section 8.8 actually, used all of 8, that most of this, is embellis
time, parliament's across europe, for example in spain, are voting in favor of such laws -- parliaments across europe. >> among the many faithful attending this catholic procession is jose antonio fernandez. he was a priest, but he sacrificed the status in order to marry. the church allowed him to continue working as a schoolteacher but later refused to renew his contract after a photo of him and his family appeared in the media. >> they exploited the situation to justify my dismissal. they said parents would be offended if they found out i was a married priest. that was a lie. the parents all knew me, after all. >> he always talked openly about phis situation to his pupils, bt renouncing his faith was never an issue. he was hoping for a positive move from the church, possibly from pope benedict xvi. he was aware, however, of the vatican's traditional reluctance to change. >> ideas that challenge the norm are considered an attack on the church and its teachings usually. this is not an attack. it is just about thinking differently. >> that way of thinking was harshly criticized by the po
. law enforcement officers from around the state are gathering. >> we will bring you complete live coverage for the next few hours of the memorial and the procession that has wrapped up. this is video of the 33-mile long procession that stretched two miles with 200 vehicles. it began at the santa cruz boardwalk this morning. >> travel on highway 17 to the h.p. pavilion, people were lined up saluting the fallen officers. we have crews spread out from the south bay to santa cruz. we will continue on, after our news would normally end at 11:30 and stay with the service until it is done. we are always streaming it live if you on >> good morning on this sad day. >> 51-year-old detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butter were killed in the line of duty. >> abc7 news reporter, cornell reporter sex live in santa cruz, where the procession began. we are live over h.p. pavilion. but, first, our reporter is on the ground. laura? >> i am standing at the north side of h.p. pavilion. there were hundreds of law enforcement folks mostly standing out here wai
are able to avoid that background check. and that has to be, what happens if the law isn't changed? the law has to change. the best explanation that i have heard has been from an atf agent who said it would be like after 9-11 saying we're going to screen all air passengers at every airport in 60 percent of the states. it doesn't make sense. and it's not an inconvenience. i was telling the speaker on the way in i got a text message from a san francisco resident who i've known all of his life and he's known me all of his life. i know his parents, they live around the corner from me in st. helena he wanted to be here and he said i want you to know i fully support the universal background checks for anybody who buys a gun. and you know it's not inconvenient, you know, it works because a few years ago, mike, i bought a gun from you and we walked down the street -- we drove down the street to steve's hardware in downtown st. helena, i filled out the gun, he filled out the paperwork, he paid $23 or $24 dollars, in a few days he came in, he knew i had not used the gun in a crime, he
know what a great person their mom was. >> reporter: about 6,000 law enforcement officers saluted as the memorial began at noon. james durbin sang the song arms wide open at the family's request. baker's daughter standing alongside her brother adam a santa cruz police officer read a message from a father's day card she wrote as a young girl eight years ago. >> if i had to pick one word for you it would be integrity. because though it's difficult for you to sometimes stand against the norm you do. >> reporter: the positive sentiments were echoed by many people during and after the ceremony. police estimate 8,500 people attended today's memorial here inside hp pavilion. robert handa, ktvu. >>> there were many moving images from today's memorial. but perhaps none more poignant than officer baker's son joaquin wearing her police cap. >> reporter: the gray skies and light rain seem only fitting tonight. in a sign the community is moving on. the flags here at hp pavilion have been raised after an emotional goodbye. it was quite a sight to see hundreds of law enforcement lining up in fro
pretty good, man. what's next on the show? >> the commonwealth is preparing to repeal a 136-year-old law that makes it illegal for unmarried virginian couples to live together. >> jon: damn you, south. do not make me [bleep] on you. so you're saying virginia's not really for lovers? next you'll tell me michigan's not for bringing lemonade and condoms to someone who turns out to be nbc's... we'll apologize tomorrow. i guess we'll find out when virginia passed that law in tonight's episode of "19th century news." hello, everybody. my most he's teemed viewers, 'tis i your humble host. my guest tonight florence nightingale. she's written a new book on something called antiseptics and their role in fighting deadly infections on the irish. first the 1800s people. first, a brief word from our sponsor. when it's friday night and you don't have to be anywhere 'til tuesday. anyway, our top story tonight, virginia has banned living in sin. no longer shall unmarried men and women terrorize our good state with their privates behind closed doors relationship. in technology news there's a brand new lab
proposed, and signed into law, all the while pretending he's somehow powerless to stop it. gwen: the blame game is a big part of what we saw this week and we just saw it there. >> well, the republicans are saying it's his fault, he did it. they call this the "president's sequester." they did that -- gwen: they tried to call it obama quester. >> they did that after the meeting at the white house on friday morning. and the president came out in his press conference and said this is the republican's choice, they are choosing to do this. he used the word choice and republican together a few times so it's clear the blame game is in full swing. i believe that when all of this is over, the public will look and say you know what, you guys needed to figure out, both of you children needed to figure out a way to prevent this and stop pointing fingers at each other. gwen: this does remind me of when you're driving down the street with kids in the back seat and you tell them to stop squabbling, they say, he did it first. we don't have a lot of patience for that. >> don't make me stop the car. >> our p
: the son-in-law of usama bin laden is in the u.s. awaiting court appearance. the spokesman suleman was picked up overseas and is facing criminal charges here. that is creating an uproar on capitol hill. there are new questions what about has happened about all the information captured and recovered during the raid that killed bin laden almost two years ago. to date, intelligence sources say 17 documents out of hundreds of thousands recovered have been made public. why? chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the story. >> reporter: this seven-page indictment charged the al-qaeda spokeman and son-in-law of usama bin laden con pyring to kill -- conspiring to kill american citizens. without discussing details, the chairman of the intelligence committee said this is a significant capture. >> his history is somebody active and engaugeed in al-qaeda, spent some time in iran. the southern part of iran conducting or planning operations, doing facilitatio facilitation. >> reporter: the operative was brought to the u.s. several days ago and has been cooperating with authoriti
. >> the president swore an oath to uphold the constitution, and he is bound by the law. whether the lethal force in question is a drone strike or a gunshot, the law and the constitution apply in the same way. >> brown: and this afternoon, attorney general holder sent paul a new letter. in it, he said: senator paul declared himself satisfied with that answer. >> so, i am very pleased to have gotten this response back from the attorney general of the united states, and i think that americans should see this battle that we've had in the last 24 hours as something that's good for the country. >> brown: shortly thereafter, the senate ended the debate and confirmed john brennan. now, we examine what's behind the senate shenanigans, politically and practically. we are joined by: scott shane, a national security reporter at the "new york times"; and niels lesniewski, who covers the senate for "roll call." is it took a while, but in the end the president got his nominee. briefly remind us about john brennan's experience. clearly someone well known at the agency he'll head. >> john brennan spent 25 years
by that is a government that is more transparent, more accountable, more rule of law. where there are clear rules, and they are enforced equally, not are not enforced which is often the case, but are enforced based on who you are. i think this brings me to the what could happen. obviously, one scenario is a continuation of the status quo which i tend to think is the most likely, certainly in the short run, because the family i think, a, can't bring itself to agree on a younger leader yet and, b, even though many of them say there has to be change, they don't agree on what that change is. so, um, the status quo is the easiest thing. and the risk of of that, obviously, is further economic stagnation and stultify case and more unemployment. unemployment among young saudi men 20-24 is roughly 40%. and 40% of people live -- saudis, not foreigners, saudis -- live on less than a thousand dollars a month. so they're not all rich. and, indeed, that wealth disparity is a source of anger among a lot of saudis. another option is that the society, there is some younger prince who tries to open up a bit and re
're tightening the penalties, and giving 25 years in prison and making it harsh for anyone who breaks this law. a number of republicans objected to it because they object to any sort of gun control and they don't believe this is a problem. this moves this particular pill to the full senate for cars. what is going to happen next is difficult, that is the negotiations that fall over a bipartisan effort to have background checks. this was led by senator schumer. at one point it looked like he would get the support of republican senator coburn. those fell apart. what schumer is doing he's introducing his original bill, this is a vehicle in case they're able to restart the negotiations over the background check and agree on language that will provide a vehicle on the senate floor. all four measures are expected to pass if only because democrats have a majority on the committee. and then the big key will be what happens once these get to the senate floor? will they all be tied into one bill? will they be voted separately which might increase chances of smaller pieces passing but may decrease on some
restrictive law in all of america. if they can just get rid of reading, they'll have the perfect state at least women still have the right to leave arkansas. >> barack obama takes a group of republican senators out for a fancy dinner. sean hannity demands to know why this president so obviously hates lunch. today is the birthday of bryan cranston comedian wanda sykes and the late great singer-songwriter townes van zandt. on this date, u.s.a. for africa's "we are the world" was released to the world bringing people of all nations all races and creeds together say in unison, why the hell is dan aykroyd on this record? this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening, i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." president obama hasn't given up hopes yet for a grand bargain with republicans that would both raise taxes and slash the deficit. even if that means cutting social insurance programs which it would. but with a sequester now law despite mr. obama campaigning against it, he's now trying a new kind of outreach to the g.o.p. call it dining diplomacy. this afternoon, the president broke bread wi
's a comment on twitter. when boeing and others by law tried to notify employees of potential layoffs size year, obama astin not to do it. -- obama asked them not to do it. this notion of the warren act, can you talk about that? guest: the furloughs and that the federal government will not begin until the end of this month. you have to send a letter and the president signs it -- signed it last week saying that furloughs are coming. you've got to give advance notice. and in terms of contractors, you got to give advance notice as well, at least as i am under cla. the speaker pro tempore: of rule 0. any record vote on the postponed question will be taken later. for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i move to suspend the rules and concur in the senate amendment to the bill, h.r. 307. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 307. an act to re-authorize certain programs under the public health service act and the federal food, drug and cosmetic act with respect to public health security and all has -- all-h
want to avoid another terrible situation like sandy hook. we have to enforce the laws that we have. a few more laws, okay. but they are not going to solve the problem. we must enforce the ones that we have. lou: we must talk another time about that assault weapons ban. mayer, it is so great to have you here. always good to see you. venezuelan president hugo chavez died today after a two-year battle with cancer. the vice president making the announcement just hours after they expelled two u.s. diplomats in the country. his cancer was caused, he said, by power play. he gradually placed all state institutions, including the oil industry under his direct control. he frequently railed against the united states in an effort to promote a leftist recycle across latin america as well as his own country. hugo chavez, 58 years old. lou: no more drama obama. has the president proved his professional standing with the author of the best-selling book the amateur? ed klein is coming up next. and the dow jones at a new record high. u.s. economist stephen whiting on where the market is headed. than
leahy said: cenk: now, understand that what he's saying is that the administration has secret law. in a democracy that should be abhorrent, unacceptable. lay he is saying you can't have secret law used to execute u.s. citizens and we can't even check in on that law. the question rand paul focused on was can you kill u.s. citizens on u.s. so i am without a trial and guess what? attorney general eric holder came in and said you know what, it seemed we were saying you could, but all of a sudden, not so much. he says: cenk: that was not an additional question, that was the core question. he put in a couple of qualifiers there to have wiggle room as an attorney, of course be so they probably can kill u.s. citizens on u.s. soil under different circumstances. rand paul when asking about it seem somewhat satisfied with the answer. >> are you satisfied? >> i'm quite happy with the answer. i'm disappointed it took a month and a half and root canal to get it. that's what i've been asking all along. cenk: let's bring in a couple of experts, andrew kirell and colonel morris davis was chief pro
coastline. eric? >> medically, stay safe -- medically, stay safe. >> inby bin's son-in-law, took credit for killing 3,000 americans on 9/11 and now he is getting the same rights as an american. question mark. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> a not guilty plea and a whole lot of rage as bin laden's son-in-law makes his way to a u.s. court not far from ground zero. david lee miller has the latest. under. reporter: suleman abu ghaith pled not guilty to a charge of conspiracy to kill americans. this is the first time he appeared in a u.s. courtroom. there was a great deal of security, at least ten court officers by my count. his hand were cuffed behind his back. the prosecutor says that he was brought to the united states exactly one week ago, but did not release further details of his capture. according to widely circulated reports he has been living in iran since 2002. recently he fled to turkey. he was arrested there. the turks were in the process of deporting him to kuwait but while being transported
french thunderbird, a vermouthy, fortified wine thing, my sister-in-law loves this, perhaps too much. and just kidding. and, very special ingredient, fresh lemon juice, it must be from a fruit, if you have something called lemon juice from a store, and they didn't spend lemon with all the vowels o -- there we go. i love it. three quarters, now, the really difficult thing about the corpse reviver, is that -- it is really easy, all equal parts, tree quarters of an ounce of gin, cointreau, here is the hard part, two drops of absinthe, it is impossible to get two drops of anything unless you're the kind of person who has an eyedropper around. and if you are the kind that has an eyedropper around, you're probably not watching cable tv for your cocktail recipes. so see what you can do to get two drops. i use a paring knife. shake it. for more than you think you need to, until your hands feel really cold. and? the corpse will be revived. or as they say in the serious drinking business, if you have one too many of these, the corporation will become un-revived. happy friday, the recipe is at
washington and colorado's new laws legalizing pot. weigh in on other state measures, why the silence now? welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm david asman in for paul gigot. despite his so-called charm offensive to republican members of congress this week, "the washington post" confirmed what we already expected, president obama's anti-republican attacks are going to continue, that he's not really in a compromising mood on the budget sequester or pretty much anything else. according to the post, his aim is not to get along with the g.o.p., but to get them out. the goal is to flip the republican-held house back to democratic control, allowing obama it push forward with a progressive agenda, gun control, immigration, climate change and the economy during his final two years in office according to congressional democrats, strategists and others familiar with obama's thinking, but has that strategist already started to back fire. let's ask columnist and deputy editor dan henninger. assistant editorial page editor james freeman and kim strassel. thank you for letting me be here. and d
for your clients at all times. we believe that the practices are consistent with the law and fair to all parties and we provide valuable services to 401k clients for whom fidelity services is a recordkeeper and trustee. they didn't have another show tonight. i really appreciate your time. here is a boost for your 401k toy. the dow jones putting up with a sixth straight day. bringing the index to yet another all-time high. traders are rallying under the unemployment rate, dropping down a little. my next guest is here with us, and he has some interesting research out. i want to start with today's jobs numbers. you say that they may not be all they could be. this is not what we were expecting. >> this was the blowout report. it gets pushed to the upside in the report. but we knew that the data would be seasonally pushed out. the anybody can do this at home, you dislocate year-over-year growth rates of what you find is the payroll jobs growth has fallen today do not blow. >> the direction of jobs growth is very clearly, that it's very different from the headlines come almost every
government to carrying out activities in violation of international law and the domestic laws of many other countries. for north korea these criminal activities are viewed as necessary to maintain the power of the regime with no regard for the fact that they are corrosive to international law and order. so the question is, what steps can we take to combat north korea's illicit activities, and can our efforts to prevent these activities be used to pressure north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs? now, i just heard on the news this morning that the agreement has been made ostensibly with china to punish north korea for its missile-launching nuclear tests. i hope that china will not do what it's done in the past and agree to sanctions and then just erode those sanctions so the sanctions really never took hold. i hope that china will finally understand that the north korean regime is a threat to stability in that region of the world and in many regions of the world, because as chairman royce pointed out, korea, north korea is a rogue state helping countries lik
campbell? that's good. those of you who don't, especially if you're in law enforce. you're probably going to want to write this down. no randy campbell has been working in graffiti cases forever and he's a retired, i think, sheriff or highway patrolman. maybe somebody can help me out there. >> highway patrol. >> highway patrolman. what he runs it's no for law enforcement, if you're looking for a tagger you think is crossing state boundaries and you catch one and you want to put up that person's tag to other law enforcement agencies, he's got a network where you can do that. so, you send that in to him, he sends it out and it goes to hundreds of cities. if you're looking for somebody and you think that other cities might know who that is, put that out and he'll send it out to all those cities. so, e-mail him and get on his network. he's got a website. and he's a great resource for law enforcement specifically and everybody else, too, but law enforcement specifically to help you find graffiti vandals or to add on to cases if you do find a graffiti vandal. so, this is
the document retention policy itself complies with the law, i mean if it doesn't, that is obviously a huge problem and one that parks is going to have to rectify. but for the narrow question i don't know if we need to reach that question. >> i don't know if you are asking me, our office works with the departments on the record retention policies to insure that they comply with the admin code and the requirements of the state law. so, i can say yes, the record retention policy complies with the record retention requirements in the state and local law. >> did you hear mr. wo lf's comments? were you here for that? >> yes. >> so, he was suggesting that perhaps administrative code 8.1 defines records in a way that would encompass the documents that can be deleted under category four. >> i think admin code section 8.1, attempts or explains the universe of documents that you are looking at and puts them into different boxes. and as to whether they need to be kept permanently, for some period of years, or they are really only current records just for use on the day, that can be destroyed or thrown
of the most blatant victims. i started to submit citizen summaries right after the law went into effect, they created something called appendix a, even though there was no notice in the minutes themselves that there was an appendix, the type face was smaller than anything else in the minutes. s of course, they refused to include the appendix on the on-line version even though the minutes were submitted by e-mail. and after several years, i pointed out to the secretary, that the superior court had every case document on-line and after that, they put the appendix in a pdf and if you clicked the tiny link on the bottom there was no link back. finally, they stopped distributing the appendix with the draft minutes that are distributed to 250 people. it was not distributed to the commissioners and the public at the library meeting where they were approved. the only place that it was attached to the minutes was the two copies that went to the archive. at that point i stopped submitting them for a while and that was when i started beginning my public comments with stop the hate, stop the ignora
very proud of law enforcement stepping in. on february 6th, 2013, that the police commissioners meeting, last month, i gave you paperwork and spoke with all of you about fighting crime as i always do. i would like to thank you for listening and acting quickly. a lot of good police officers answered the call of duty and i want to salute them. i love hard core law enforcement. you guys took a big bite out of crime during the month of february. i want it to continue. i am very proud of law enforcement for stepping hard on crime. i urge you to continue with tough action, it has to be. once again, i say stop and frisk is a must and you know why. hard core law enforcement must continue all crime must be punished don't let anyone get away with anything. keep stepping hard on crime, it is needed on a 24-7 basis. and i know that you need this, i know that you know it, and i know that we need a budget that supports that as well. and i want you to understand that i seriously believe in tactical law enforcement. it is a must as well. and i know my time is almost up, but i want to give you this, jus
the ground. laura? >> i am standing at the north side of h.p. pavilion. there were hundreds of law enforcement folks mostly standing out here waiting to go inside. you can see they have opened the doors. most of them have gone in. there were some members of the public in that group standing out here. some of them are associated with various law enforcement from the bay area. that included a couple we met from santa cruz who volunteer with the police department and their daughter was the dispatcher on duty when detective baker and butler were gunned down. well hear from them. >> it shows that officers that are sworn to protect us put their lives on the line every moment of every day they are on duty. it is a same we have to lose sergeant baker and detective butler in this way for our community to come together and realize the respect that we must show law enforcement and their officers. >> we definitely want to support not only the santa cruz p.d. but the families of the officers and it is so very, very tragic. >> we have video coming out. >> those folks, their daughter was the disp
of their draft laws passed, search engines would have to pay fees to publishers for using their reports. >> we want journalists and publishers to get paid enough for their work. the internet is really efficient, but the content that people search and save does not just right itself. >> the opposition says the draft law is too vague about what search engines would have to pay for. the draft law says search engines would not have to pay to show snippets of articles, but they would if they publish full articles. however, it does not say what a snippet is. the greens said opposition is also strong outside parliament. >> german journalists and the freelance journalist association are against your bill, and so are well-known constitutional law professors and basically every copyright expert in the country. >> many net experts in the government are also skeptical about the bill, but the government has the numbers in the bundestag, so the bill passed. it is however expected to meet resistance in the upper house. >> the second chamber of germany's parliament is where we are going next because things ha
. >> this was a tragedy. real people, with real families, doing real work. >> the sacrifices that law enforcement make and their families make. and every time i see one of those cars go by and i see an officer it really brings that home. >> reporter: sergeant butch baker and officer elizabeth butler always remembered here in the city of santa cruz. mike mibach, channel 2 news. >>> today in santa cruz and the hp pavilion there were a lot of tears but there were funny moments too. you see here poking fun at himself and even governor brown. >> governor, has anybody ever told you sir that you bare a striking resemblance to me? butch baker was the first person to point out the resemblance to him. we have a slide show from the procession, the badges of all the departments there and a performance by james durbin. it's all on right there on our home page. >>> san francisco police are investigating a shooting that happened late this afternoon. they say it happened just before 4:00 at bryant and main street. according to san francisco police, a passenger in a car was shot. the driver took off looking f
honda the issue of illegal units that pre dominate the city, a property owner under california law is not permitted to take rent from an illegal unit that is discourage from the tenant. when the property learns that he or she has an illegal unit, it is encumbent to take action. my client learned of the status of the units when he hired him when he came to the city and explained to him that he had a single family dwelling. he promptly did what was legally required of him to seek a permit to clarify the legal use of the property. if there is any suggestion, implications, thought, about limiting my clients' rights under state law as a condition of the permit. imposing some sort of rent control on this unit and limiting my rights to go out of the rental business. and i strongly urge you to seek legal, the case law is in favor of my client that the board cannot limit my clients rights under the rental housing right and the board does not have the authority to limit my client's right to go out of the rental business if that is his choice. and the suggestion that we agree to that is illeg
f.d.a. oversight because, by law, they're allowed to make custom drugs just one patient at a time. but connolly says, over a few years, n.e.c.c. went national. he told us that quantities of drugs increased by a factor of 1,000. >> we became a manufacturer overnight. so we were basically trying to have the best of both worlds trying to manufacture without the oversight of a manufacturer. and there was-- we all got... >> pelley: a month before the first steroid death, connolly says he warned his supervisor. >> something's going to happen. something's going to get missed and we're going to get shut down. >> pelley: what did you mean by that? >> that we were going to hurt a patient. we were just thinking "hurt a patient." we weren't compounding anymore we were manufacturing. >> pelley: when you went to your supervisor and told him that, he said what? >> that's verbatim. he shrugged. that was his response for a lot of our questions or comments or concerns was a shrug. >> pelley: meaning? >> "just do it." either he didn't care or he was powerless to change it. >> pelley: as joe connolly
violence. it already says in federal law if you have a domestic violence conviction if you have a domestic violence protection order against you, under federal law you are not supposed to be able to have a gun. colorado did not have in place a mechanism at the state level to enforce that. so what passed this morning, the first bill that advanced this morning in colorado would create that mechanism at the state level to keep people who have been convicted of domestic violence related offenses or have domestic violence protection orders against them. there was a loophole that said you have to apply and get a license and get checked out to give you a concealed carry permit. but none of that had to happen in person. you could do the whole thing online. from your padded cell or wherever. nobody ever had to look at you face to face. under the second bill that moved today, now that loophole will be closed in colorado. you cannot do it just online. another bill that passed today would close the loophole that says not everybody has to have a background check before they buy a gun. buying a gun at a
's health care law. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, whether it's the cliff or the sequester cuts to blame, more taxpayers are told they'll have to wait for their money, but a new report shows the irs is going full steam ahead, collecting the new health care. and another double standard. and ben stein, dagen mcdowell, charlie gasperino and adam lashinsky. dagen, sequester hypocrisy? >> of course it is, scare the bejesus out of people and make people think at least they're not going to get their tax refund, but again, the money needs to keep rolling in to pay for the president's health care law and we have no idea yet how much this is going to hit the american people because this year, don't forget, on higher income americans, you have medicare payroll tax hikes, investment income tax hike, a hike in the threshold where you can deduct your medical expenses, you have the medical devices tax, that's just this year. >> that's this year and gary k, with all of that stuff they're not going to wait a nano second to collect their money, but people watching the show wondering what the heck
, protect lives and supporting international law. with you of we must assist the genuine moderate and democratic forces in syria who are in dire need of help and who feel by abandoned by the international community. the longer this conflict guess on. the more human sufferingn persecution of minorities, radicalization and sectarianl radicalization and sectarianl despite the three compelling arguments, there will be those who say that britain should have nothing to do with jair.shu but we cannot look the other way while international law and human rights are out. we cannot step back from a crisis that could destabilizeed the heart of the mild east and the height of irresponsibility the height of irresponsibility our own security so i want to ex lane to the house today the next step in increasing ourport to the syrian people and i emphasized that there may have to be further steps. we have contributed nearly 140 million pounds in humanitarian aid so far. this is from food, clean drinking water, blankets, shelter for many tens ofer thousands of people.ns with the supporting of theor n
. the rule of law, in other word,ct must operate in order to god protect the god-given interest to make sure they are not arbitrary deprived of any citizen.ere a we with talking wheel the sanctity of human life. whe when the interest at stake is not just liberty or property but life itself, we have to protect it. we have to take steps to protect that. and so i think it is important that we carefully scrutinize and evaluate any government program that has the potential to deprive any american citizen of his or her life without due process of law. so i was concerned, as were you, senator paul, recently when the obama administrationas leaked what was characterized as a department of justice white paper. outlining the circumstances outlining the legal criteria that this administration wouldn use in deciding when and whether and under what circumstances to snuff out human life. the the human life of an american citizen, no less, using a drone. m now the memorandum started out with certain somewhat predictable or familiarepts concepts.rted the memorandum started out byning explaining an imminent s
on the issues. the u.s. government cannot randomly target citizens. what it can do under the laws of war is target enemy combatant anywhere at any time including on u.s. soil. >> they are wrong on this issue. the problem is if i call you an enemy combatant, how do we know if you are or aren't. that's me calling and accusing you of a crime should there be enough power by any politician, republican or democrat to say you are an enemy combatant and maybe a missile will drop on your house. i believe that is unjust and unconstitutional that if you are an american, people can't accuse you and call you a name. they are assuming that the person calling your name is on a mission and knows you are guilty of that. the way i see it is we have a lot of arab americans that live in deer born, michigan. the vast majority are good american people. say they have a cousin and e-mail them. say somebody thinks their cousin is a terrorist. for goodness sakes, would you drop bombs on people and say we are associated with terrorism and he's an enemy combatant. that's a lot different than someone with a grenade
blowers that there were gaps in federal laws concerning straw purchasers which should be addressed, and this is our opportunity to do it. mr. chairman, you have worked with me on your bill making many changes at my request. they have made the bill better and reduced the negative side effects of previous versions. i trust you think so as well because you have included the changes in the new bill. the new bill in your substitute amendment also included a revised bill by senators gillibrand and kirk on the subject of gun trafficking. those revisions also reflect changes that i asked senator gillibrand to make, and i think it would be worthwhile to outline all the changes that have been made to the bill since they were first introduced. i think they demonstrate good faith of the chairman and senator gillibrand. for instance, senator gillibrand's bill originally would have made it a federal crime to transfer two or more guns if that person knew that the result would be a violation of state or local law. that would have given states and localities a one-way incentive to address new gun c
and furious, i was told by whistle blowers that there were gaps in federal laws concerning straw purchasers which should be addressed, and this is our opportunity to do it. mr. chairman, you have worked with me on your bill making many changes at my request. they have made the bill better and reduced the negative side effects of previous versions. i trust you think so as well because you have included the changes in the new bill. the new bill in your substitute amendment also included a revised bill by senators gillibrand and kirk on the subject of gun trafficking. those revisions also reflect changes that i asked senator gillibrand to make, and i think it would be worthwhile to outline all the changes that have been made to the bill since they were first introduced. i think they demonstrate good faith of the chairman and senator gillibrand. for instance, senator gillibrand's bill originally would have made it a federal crime to transfer two or more guns if that person knew that the result would be a violation of state or local law. that would have given states and localities a one-way ince
of the children and education. we've made sure that our law enforcement is taken care of, but we've also made those difficult choices early on that washington could really learn from in budgeting. i congratulate congressman messer for bringing this particular bill. it's a good government bill. i know the other side of the aisle is talking about the sequester, and i find it ironic that "the washington times" today has a headline that says, 400 more jobs were created in spite of the sequester. so i don't believe that the sky is falling here. this legislation requires the president to do some simple math and include with his budget, should he choose to submit one, an estimate of the cost of the deficit per taxpayer. taxpayers just simply deserve to know how much they owe for washington's out-of-control spending. after all, every dime that the federal government borrows is saddled on this generation and the next generation and generations to follow. right now the cost of washington's $16 trillion of national debt totals more than $147,000 per taxpayer. in fact, approximately every minute, mr. spe
practiced law, i didn't measure every client who came through the door to say, now, do i agree with every position my client is taking? of course not. the belief is that in our system of justice, both sides deserve a voice in the courtroom, and both sides, doing their best, give justice an opportunity. well, that's what caitlin halligan did as the solicitor general for the state of new york. now, listen to this. one of the arguments being made against her was she argued a position as solicitor general that favored using article 3 courts for the prosecution of terrorists. article 3 courts are the ordinary criminal courts of the land under our constitution. she argued that position. many republicans take an opposite position that anyone accused of terrorism should be tried in a military tribunal, not an ordinary criminal court. they've held that position, they argue that position, they get red in the face saying that's the only way to take care of terrorists. the relate city that since 9/11, president bush, as well as president obama, have had a choice between prosecuting terrorists in arti
in his life. didn't have a father around, but did a great job in school, got into columbia, and later law. he decided to work helping people in his own community. a peaceful kind of guy. is he some bounder who doesn't take responsibility for his manhood? actually, just the opposite. one marriage, faithful husband, good kids. from all appearances, a really caring father. goes to games for the kids. so what is it the haters fear about this guy? what do they hate? that he is black? is that it? is it the gun issue? he didn't even push gun issues until newtown. the same of the gang of eight, right there in the middle. so what is it they hate in this guy? they should be flaweding him as a role model. this country is going to be a united country 100 years from now, this is just the guy you would want out there standing there as our role model. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >>> good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. america is on the brink of something very dangerous. this is "the ed show." let's
of the nation's strictest abortion law in arkansas, where nearly all procedures will have to be done in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: another key seat in president obama's national security team was filled today. the senate approved a new leader for the central intelligence agency, but not before a war of words over unmanned aircraft and presidential power. >> the nomination is confirmed. >> brown: john brennan was confirmed as the c.i.a.'s next director 63-34 after a drama- filled 24 hours.
. usually it's a girl or boyfriend but here is usama bin laden's son-in-law who we found out is awaiting civilian trial. how does that happen? i blame grit mow. the drones as exterminators exist solely to avoid saying you were wrong about the beauty of gitmo. what is gitmo? it's really just a remind they're there is evil in this world and evil needs a cage when it's caught. as world leaders kiss the dead hand of an anti-american pirate. north korea threatens annihilation and iran gears up for war it's time for the teenager in chief to grow up. and wise up. there is a big old world out there and it hates you. no matter how many apology tours he makes or how many heart-felt videos you send. eric, why new york city and cheaper flights than cuba? is that why they are bringing bin laden here? >> eric: no idea. this could be one of the biggest intel mistakes they made. once he lands here, once you read him his miranda rights it's over. he is here. he is going to get the full benefit of the legal system for defendants. there won't be any interrogation. it has to be a speedy trial. if you keep t
americans. >> and why is obama administration trying usama bin laden's son-in-law? a high threat terrorist suspect in a u.s. court? we'll debate it. >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. and the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. filibuster envy. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it's been fascinating to see the reaction to senator rand paul's filibuster of the john brennan nomination. with the principled persuasive argument with the use of drones on american soil, he drew support from people across the political spectrum from jon stewart to mitch mcconnell, from the aclu, to ted cruise, his filibuster made for some strange bed follows. but, of course, not everybody was happy. is that snarkers calling paul's stance weird and crazy. but what's surprising is that two g.o.p. senators lindsey graham and john mccain launched their own drone strike against paul. >> we have done, i think, a disservice to a lot of americans by making them believe that somehow they a
law enforcement in poor communities of color and attempting to assist people who have been released from prison enter into a society which had never shown much use for them in the first place, i had a series of experiences that began what i now call my awakening. i began to awaken to a racial reality that is just so obvious to me now that what seems odd in retrospect is that i could have been blind to it for so long. as i write in the introduction to my book, "the new jim crow," what has changed since the collapse of jim crow has less to do with the basic structure of of our society than the language we use to justify it. in the era of color blindness, it is no longer socially permissible to use race explicitly as a justification for discrimination, exclusion and southerly contempt. social contempt. so we don't. rather than rely on race, we use our criminal justice system to label people of color criminals and then engage in all the practices that we supposedly left behind. today it is perfectly legal to discriminate against criminals in nearly all the ways in which it was once lega
-inlaws. down on caesar street. i was wondering isn't that against the law for them to do something like that. and the nitwit does not want to pay alimony but he will because he is make shoinger that no one can get in touch with me. i think that he is silly >> be careful with your taser. >> thanks. >> expect speaker? >> my name is vick preo from the marina and i think that the police do a wonderful job and thank you for making yourself open and available to us and the commissioner as well. we all have concerns, and one of those that we have is that they are trying to open the restaurant going on the up on the top, and it has a potential to attract a nuisance and what the police are going to do if this place opens up in a homeless move from the park to the marina green and what is going to happen now. probably once a month i will find sleeping on the street and the homes. we have had concerned and a cook of break-ins on the car and we did not walk in. and obviously we cannot get in the city. what we look forward to is when this place an attractive nuisance for the homeless and for anyone else.
that i did not violate the law either, i think that is very, very convenient, basically you can't have someone giving you advice which you rely on totally and they are unwilling to be honest about the fact that they may be affected by the decisions that you make. and a simple fact that you say, oh, the city attorney can interpret these laws, the other bodies like the task force even though the law specifically says that they are the ones to interpret it, can't, is real hypocracy >> interpretation is allowed and then there can be different opinions, you can't say that the task force can't interpret it if the city attorney can. the task force can add to it but the city attorney can. >> even though in the law it says that the bodies to do it, and yet, the city attorney who has absolutely no right to do it, can do it not with a legal decision, but with simply writing a memo. >> good evening, commissioners my name is katherine howard i was one of the panelists at the common wealth club and i am member of the friends of the music club and the presidential alliance. i am a architect and i hav
was involved in that? do you not get a chance to explain yourself in a court of law before you get a hellfire missile dropped on your head? so it just amazes me that people are so willing and eager to throw out the bill of rights and just say, oh, that's fine. you know, terrorists are a big threat to us. and, you know, i am a so fearful that they will attack me that i'm willing to give up my rights, i'm willing to give up on the bill of rights? i think we give up too easily. now, the president has responded and he said he hasn't killed anybody yet in america. and he says he doesn't intend to kill anyone in america, but he might. i frankly just don't think that's good enough. the president's oath of office says that i will -- not that "i might" or not that "i intend to" -- the president says "i will" protect, preserve, and defend the constitution. he doesn't say, i'll do it when it's practical or i'll do it unless it's unfeasible, unless it's unpleasant and people argue with me and i have to go through congress and i can't get anything done, then i will obey the constitution. it's a out there.
are a hunter you have this system and if you are in law enforcement like a police officer or navy seal you have this, that would include background checks, background checks i think are -- if everyone knows how their mental state is, it will help a lot. could you answer that question. >> i will say on the background checks, that should really be what they refer to as a no-brainer. if you buy a gun, you ought to be checked out. we ought to make sure that people who are criminals or people who don't have the mental capacity to properly use a gun, we should keep them out of the hands of those folks and that's the first line of defense. and that should be just about everyone should have to go through that. there's a lot of work being done to figure out if there's a better way to do it, should you look at some type of app for individual transfers could be made without going through -- you were talking about machine guns and they're already illegal, well, that's not actually true. you can own a machine gun but it's a higher bar that you have to clear to get that. there is more background checks,
, of all things. the law makes it easier to prosecute domestic violence crimes in federal court, provides funding for services, including battered women's shelters and hotlines. during today's ceremony, the president said, quote, all women have the right to live free from fear. >>> this ongoing debate over abortion is making news again tonight. the effort by some states to reduce access to abortion has just reached a new level with arkansas passing what is now the nation's toughest law, restricting access to abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy. nbc's pete williams reports tonight on this latest strategy by abortion opponents. >> reporter: abortion rights groups say they're already preparing their legal challenge to the new arkansas law, now by far the strictest in the nation. >> this law is reflective of what the people in arkansas believe. and that's what we're here for. >> reporter: enacted over the veto of the state's democratic governor, mike beebe, it restricts access after 12 weeks of pregnancy when roughly 12% of the state's abortions are performed. the sponsor of the law says 12
jurisdiction to get preapproval be from the federal government to get changing for the federal laws before those laws could be put into effect. host: you said it with a brooder law and that section five is a brooder part of it. guest: everyone sees it a critical part of the law. it puts the burden of proof on the state pfs before 1965, the courts or congress striked down oppression laws like in alabama, and al would ignore those rulings or implement a new measure. so this was a deter represent mechanism and there is nothing like it that is aiken to section 5. host: how crucial to do you see it as the major framework? guest: it was in 1965. it was needed because of the discrimination in the south. times have changed greatly. today it is no longer needed. if discrimination occurs, it can be remedied through section 2. that is a nationwide permanent pro vision that bans discrimination in the voting context. section 5 was put in place because local and state governments were trying to evade court decrees because it is no longer needed because there are there hasn't been any evasion in decades.
, the court said, cannot control as to whether the law is constitutional, but does control as to whether the antiinjunction statute applies. and this reminded me of louis carroll. [laughter] when i use a word, when i use a word like humpty dumpty, it means just what i choose it to mean, neither more, nor less. now, the magic of this dueling, call it taxonomy, means that because it is a penalty the court could go forward to consider its legality. because, but because it is a tax and not a penalty, it is a lawful exercise of the taxing power, not an unlawful exerlz of the power to regulate commerce. and a related irony is that five justices concluded that congress did not have the power under the commerce clause to regulate doing nothing. that is to say not buying health insurance. but five justices -- only chief justice in both camps -- held that congress does have the power to impose a tax for doing the very same nothing. not buying health insurance. so the constitutional law professor, president, who insisted that obamacare was constitutional was right all along. but he was right becaus
to vote, to discuss laws and permits. we have a budget to control and in that budget, you will see our mobility policy. you can have your own expenses on infrastructure work, for instance, but in brussels, we also have an important policy on financing groups, social groups who are working on the issue. and i believe we should never forget to work on equity because we have those big social differences within our town. this is just shortly a slide that shows you what already has been polled, that denmark and the netherlands, they are in fact far ahead of all of the other european countries and belgium is somewhere in-between making an effort but for sure also at this trip, i have been able to learn a lot from my european colleagues in denmark and in the netherlands. brussels is in the heart of europe and i think it's also has been a very good thing that there is european regulations, although at this moment, european regulations are mainly on achieving certain environmental standards. let's say pollution by co2 and particles. but that has helped us as we had too high air pollution in bru
for sticking with us this hour. this weekend at harvard law school, the official who just stepped down as the top lawyer in the pentagon weighed in on the next big civil rights cases that are coming up before the supreme court. this month the court is going to be hearing arguments on same-sex marriage under the law. and former pentagon general counsel jay johnson told the black law students association at harvard, quote, our gay brothers and sisters who are in the struggle for marriage equality right now in the state legislatures and in the courts of this country are marching step by step the same road toward equal treatment under law that we know so well. their cause is our cause. he went on to explain his view that the impact of laws banning equal marriage rights would be particularly -- and are now particularly cruel and unfair, in his words, to people who are serving in the u.s. military. the same argument is made by iraq and afghanistan veterans of america in a brief that they have filed, along with a number of other former military officials with the supreme court about one of th
to a new report by the southern poverty law center, we know that anti-government patriot groups are now at an all-time high in this country. we need to pay attention to this, folks. the increase in threats on the president of the united states and other government targets is similar to the period of time before the oklahoma city bombing. researchers are out front, asking the american government to create an interagency task force to deal with the problem before it's too late. so let's just break down a few numbers here. in 2008, there were only 149 known militia groups in this country. last year this were 1,360, more than eight times as many. houston, we got a problem. and as you can see from the southern poverty law center's chart, the last time we saw this number of armed nationalist groups was in the clinton years. it was a similar spike back in 1995, just as we are seeing today. now the president of the southern poverty law center has written a letter to the department of homeland security and the justice department recommending two departments combine resources to protect against a
on new gun laws since the newtown massacre advances to the full senate. aimed at fighting gun trafficking. but a measure thought to have widespread public support background checks, it appears to be in trouble and we have new numbers on what people, even republicans, think of universal background checks. >>> plus, the battle over minimum wage is heating up. the president as you know wants to raise it to $9. but businesses are divided. ceo of costco speaking up and saying it's better to pay workers more. but subway's ceo says raising the minimum wage is a bad idea. we'll take a look at that battle brewing and join the conversation on twitter. lily...she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. [ dad ] tide and downy together. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it
draped down at the entrance of hp pavilion. >> law enforcement came from ash the state to the memorial. laura anthony joins with us more on that. laura? >> people began lining up before the motorcade arrived here this morning. many of them were from law enforcement community well aware that they, too, put their lives on the line every day. thousands of police officers from as far as nork po nork and maryland converged on hp pavilion wearing black bands on badges. ones signal they've lost, in this case, two of their own. >> it's a brotherhood and a sister hood we understand how a tragedy like this can happen every day. >> among mourners howard jordan, remembering all too well a similar memorial almost exactly six years ago. >> we know what the santa cruz police department is going through. unfortunately we're probably one of the only agencies in the country facing similar circumstances. many knew the officers personally. in this case, the detective sargeant, butch baker. >> he was a good guy, always out to help someone if they needed help. it doesn't matter who you were, just there to h
for "early start." >> "starting point" starts now. >>> welcome, everybody. today, osama bin laden's son-in-law caught and brought to new york under a shroud of secrecy. what happens next? >>> and details on how a lion killed a young woman. that wild animal wasn't where it belonged. former president clinton urging the supreme court to overturn a law he signed when he was in the white house. >> holy dow! we are counting down to a key report about jobs now less than two hours away. >> forget the right to bear arms. one small american town is about to make it mandatory. a gun for every house and every family. >>> plus, a first look at hollywood's risky bet on a brand new "wizard of oz." is the yellow brick road paved with box office gold? >> and talk about this morning the mom who found her 7-year-old daughter's diet list. we'll chat with dara-lynn weiss. we had a her here talking about her daughter's struggle with obesity. tommy davidson, actor and comedian, joins us. and abbie cornish joins us later. it's friday, march 8. "starting point" begins now. >>> welcome, everybody. our "starting point"
that the universe was a mass produced toy tossed by a goddess they no longer wondered by laws was sure in the clockwork in a wind up bird were shot with uncertainties. optimists contributed the reason to the fact that the toy was broken. pessimists acknowledged this. but insistd that in it's broken state could the cosmos belong to those who lives within. the goddess grown found the universe under board games in a closet. she did not give it to her children. she did not have it fixed by her husband instead slipping away now and then from her family she delighted in the haphazard way it ran. the release in her life. >> the next one is entitled. explanation. twisted tree branches explain exactly themselves. the next is called, a simple story. his love was too simple. if he met a woman who imagined what it would it be like to be her husband. he learned she was already attached. if she did interest in him he would bring her fresh oranges. she'd leave him certain that no man could love truly to such scant evidence. his evidence was not meager he was not trying to judge her. his love was too
. but are there dark clouds on the horizon? >>> osama bin laden's son-in-law finally faces a judge in new york. and there's some lawmakers that are very unhappy about that, i.e., new york versus guantanamo? >>> later in the show, dr. andrew weil is our guest, he has a stunning critique of health care in america tonight. let's go "outfront." good friday evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, rays of economic sunshine. history on wall street with the dow soaring more than 2% this week to a record high. and news that the unemployment rate in america fell from 7.9% to 7.7%. that's actually the lowest level we've seen in four years. rosier than even the rosiest of forecasts. so we're on the up and up, right? all this stuff about forced spending cuts was just a bunch of b.s.? well, remember when president obama issued this warning a few weeks ago? >> people will lose their jobs. the unemployment rate might tick up again. >> all right, today's report, and this is important, is based on data from last month, before the cuts went into effect. so the president could still be right. and
of the law. the question of pulling the bank's license is a question for the regulators. >> so you have no opinion on that. you sit in treasury and you try to enforce these laws and i've read all of your testimony. you tell me how vigorously you want to enforce these laws, but you have no opinion on when it is that a bank should be shut down for money laundering? not even an opinion? >> of course we have views on -- >> that's what i asked you for. your views? >> then she pressed another government witness for an answer. >> so what you're saying to me is you're responsible for these bank. and, again, i heard your testimony. you talked about the importance of vigorous investmented here. but you're telling me you have no view when it's appropriate to consider to raise the question whether or not these banks should have to close? >> i'll tell you exactly when it's appropriate. it's appropriate when there's a criminal conviction. >> so you have no view on it until after the justice department has done it? >> again, the justice makes that decision. we play our role in that. we have a constant
rounds by anyone raises a flag to law enforcement. it's not uncommon to go through several hundred of rounds when you go to the range and it's also -- than it is to buy 50 round at a time. i would hope that the chief would be more concerned purchase by prohibited person than an arbitrary rounds by anyone. i fail to see what added benefit there is since vendors already require to maintain records of all sales. i don't see the added benefit. >> thank you, mr. green. next speaker please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is don did you dutel. i have a question on this law. has there been a demonstration from the previous legislation that has helped law enforcement by the district attorney where we have people caught with firearms or even using firearms in the city and if this legislation can demonstration where it's filling some holes or something like that where people are getting off i believe all citizens would like to use that. i do have firearms. a definition that does affect sports man. it's very difficult to have components shipped to san francisco. there are many vendors
items no. 1. >> item no. 1, prohibit sales of law enforcement ammunition. no. 2, police code require reporting 500 or more round >> these two items have been introduce by mayorly and supervisor co-hen. >> thank you very much. thank you. as many of you know i have joined with chief and other leaders to announce this legislation late last year. this has built upon to take on gun violence. ammunition, lethal ammunition. what the law doesn't restrict is it's possession. now we also have existing regulation that require anyone selling ammunition within the city limits maintain records of their sale which are required to be available for inspection at any time. but no city law requires any reporting of these types of sales by vendors that do not have locations inside the city and county of san francisco but sell to city residents. this is enforcing our existing our regulations. the first proposes to restrict not only the sale but possession of type of ammunition that is in lethal property designed for use by military personnel. anything sold black talent which was designed with sharp pro
the supreme court. that's right. the law that banned the silencing of african americans is finally coming before our nation's foremost silent african-american. [laughter] of course, before the voting rights act black people were regularly kept from voting with roadblocks like literacy tests, poll taxes, and "you must be this white to vote" signs. [laughter] now that law is being challenged in the supreme court by shelby county, alabama. they argue that the law is unfair, because it applies only to states with histories of racial discrimination: alabama, arizona, georgia, louisiana, mississippi, south carolina, texas, parts of carolina, texas, virginia, and alaska, which has a sad history of discriminating against its african american population brian. [laughter] good guy. [ laughter ] he's a good guy. [laughter] but there's one key reason to strike this act down, as shelby -- there's one reason to get rid of this law as shelby county lawyer bert rein explained to the court. >> the problem to which the voting rights act was addressed is solved. >> stephen: you heard it, folks: racism is so
on the controversial florida stand your ground law. instead zimmerman lawyers says he's going to straight with the focus of winning an aquitdal in a second degree murder trial. it's scheduled to start in june. >>> dow jones heading higher a day after the highest ever closing. we're about 14,284, climbing after some pretty encouraging news on the job market. this story not so encouraging, a deadly and untreatable super bug, it's the cdc using the term nightmare bacteria saying it's spreading through hospitals throughout the united states. we have complete details after this quick break. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. the delightful discovery. the sweet realization that you have a moment all to yourself. well, almost. splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® makes the moment yours™. splenda® no calorie sweetene
get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> tonight, breaking news. bin laden's son-in-law captured. the al qaeda operative behind bars in new york. >> is it adding insult to injury that he's here and not at guantanamo. >> also, animal instincts. >> i always feared it, always feared it would happen. >> could anything have saved dianna hanson, and should she have been in that cage in the first place? >> plus, the art ts formerly known as snoop dogg. >> what have you gone from dawg to lion? >> his name has changed but he's as outspoken as ever. on fame -- >> you have to know how to contain it and not abuse it. >> drugs. >> you don't hear people going out and doing crazy crimes on marijuana. >> guns. >> i could go and get a gun right now, just lierk that. it shouldn't be that easy. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >> good evening. we'll begin with breaking news tonight. osama bin laden's son-in-law, the man they called al qaeda's mouth piece is scheduled to be arraigned at 10:00 in the morning right here in new york. he's charged with conspiracy to kill u.s. nationals. his c
with former first lady barbara bush. that is your 5@5:00. >>> in just a few hours from now the son-in-law of osama bin laden allegedly a top member of al qaeda will appear in a yonew york city courtroom on terror charges. there is outrage in washington someone so closely connected to the events of 9-11 is being treated like a common criminal. we more on this story. >>> attorney general eric holder is saying the rays of osama bin laden's son-in-law proves that no amount of distance or time will weaken our resolve to bring america's enemies to justice. the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york says this man has been working against the united states for 13 years. and we now know the ingenls community tracked them through out the mid eels for years before picking him up in jordan. >> the history is somebody that has been active and engaged in al qaeda. as spent some time in iran the southern part of iran and planning during facilitation during al qaeda business. >> they hahe has been brought t united states for trial since he was an enemy combatant and someone from al qaeda's i
against the defense of marriage act which he signed into law in 1996. the legislation defines marriage as between a man and a woman. now clinton wants the supreme court to declare it unconstitutional. in an opinion piece to "the washington post," clinton questions if the act goes against the principles of freedom, equality and justice. he writes "as a president who signed the act into law, i have come to believe that the defense of marriage act is contrary to those principles and in fact incompatible with our constitution." >>> residents along the northeast still battling the latest blast of winter weather. you could see it in dan lothian's live shot lots of wind, from new york to new england, snow expected to turn to rain as temperatures rise before clearing out tomorrow. wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour also likely. meteorologist samantha mohr joins us now. parts of massachusetts and connecticut have had more than a foot of snow. any relief in sight? >> it will be a long day in boston, don. heavy snow is reported at this hour with the north winds close to 20 so it's blowing that
you can say it has worked anywhere else. what are we doing with this emergency manager law in michigan, and in detroit now specifically? what we're doing is giving up on the idea that we fix problems in america through a system of government that is called democracy. and we're giving it up for something that has no proven record of being any better. you lose democracy. you don't necessarily have any hope of fixing anything. why did you give up your deem democracy then? why this is not a bigger national story still blows my mind. r have staying power... or just seem to fade away, day by day? don't compromise. new vidal sassoon pro series from the original salon genius. starts vibrant, stays vibrant. precision mix formula saturates each strand for 100% gray coverage. hydrablock conditioner helps fight fade out for up to 8 weeks. new vidal sassoon lets you say no to compromise and yes to vibrant color like this. new vidal sassoon pro series salon genius. brilliantly priced. [ woman ] too weak. wears off. been there. tried that. ladybug body milk? no thanks. [ female announcer ] stop searc
nobody bought it or sold it. it is homemade, how is law enforcement in this country going to grapple with homemade high-powered weapons. what will they do when they print the 3-d fully automatic machine gun? the government agency that will have to deal with the challenges of this new technology when it happens is the atf. last month when president obama unveiled his proposed gun reforms at the white house, one thing he asked congress to do was confirm the nominee to run atf, a man named todd jones who has been acting as deputy director of the atf for five years. president obama asked congress to stop hindering law enforcement, and he called congress out for allowing anybody to be confirmed as director of the atf for six years now. this week we got news that even that part of what president obama confirmed on guns, even just asking the director of the law enforcement agency that is concerned with federal gun laws, yeah, republicans in congress may just oppose that too. they don't want anybody running that after six years. republicans increasingly make the case that we shoul
or down. up, man's old age dream, the ultimate and individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of owe toa tal tehranism totalitarianism. those who would trade freedom for security have embarked on this downward course. given the top of this discussion, the asserted power of the president to take the life of a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil without due process of law, that last portion bears reading again. those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course to the ant heap of totalitarianism. in this vote harvesting time, they use terms like the great society, or as we were told a few days ago by the president, we must accept a greater government activity in the affairs of the people. but they've been a little more ex applies it in the past and among themselves. and of all of the things i now will quote have appeared in print. these are not republican accusations. for example, they have voices that say -- quote -- "the cold war will end through our acceptance of a not undemocratic socialism." another voice says "the profit mot
of livermore. no incidences for the nimitz. >> in world news. osama bin laden's son-in- law, who is also known as an al qaeda spokesman, has been captured and brought to the united states. today he will appear in court on federal conspiracy charges. ed payne has the story. osama bin laden's son-in- law has been captured and is in the united states. sulaiman abu ghaith is being held in new york -- he is expected to appear in court friday to face federal charges. u-s congressman spokesman says abu ghaith was captured within the past week in jordan the treasury department describes abu ghaith as "the official spokesman of al qaeda" since the nine- eleven attacks. some say they should be using a guantanamo bay facility. to gather information, some people want justice. >> there has been no justice for the families. these people take politics with the trials of these men. >> north korea is keeping up the rhetoric. they now say they're canceling a hotline and a nonaggression pact with rival south korea. north korea's arm for dealing with cross-border affairs with seoul, says it will r
might actually be persuasive to the court. >> i think the arguments they make about hr and law and tax, that would speak more to the supreme court than emotional arguments about how they feel when they have to tell someone they can't not discriminate. >> this isn't just liberal california. this is businesses. this is goldman sachs. >> and the court is taking this up on march 26th. 26th and 27th. and so we will watch and see. >>> well, all right. time now for something we haven't seen much of in a while. news that bay area home prices are nudging upwards. yes, you heard right. upwards. carolyn, is this a sign of a rebound in real estate? >> it is indeed. basically what we have here is economics 101. basic laws of supply and demand. there's more buyers out, and they're chasing a limited pool of homes. and that is, you know, what will make prices ratchet up and it already has been happening over the past year and it's expected to continue happening in this coming year. so why are there more buyers? the economy is better. people are more confident about their jobs. mortgage rates are at in
i am very, very proud of all of you that are signing onto support this law. i would like to offer an international perspective here. as a naturalized citizen in this country, i inherited the history of this country and that involves the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly. and as a political science major and history major, it [speaker not understood] me the interment of the japanese american and the japanese latino that we did in this country without due process of law. this is the history that i inherit in becoming an american. as an american, i also carry the burden of current events and current laws. and let me tell you where i was during /11. -- 9/11. * i was teaching american political science abroad in asia. and it was very, very difficult to explain to my students what was happening in guantanamo, holding people without the due process of law. coming back to america now for two years, it's amazing that we have to tell the government to obey the law? there is no debating that. it should be absolute silence in appreciation that we have a law in place already. >> thank
are breaking the law, the city is breaking its own laws, it is a city exempt from its own laws? >> they are breaking the law, time and time again, with the load limit law on the marina boulevard at area and the access and also, for the buses which bring people in and the last time when we had the golden gate bridge anniversary, i mean the city actually had muni bringing the buses up and down the streets which have an ordinance saying that you can't do that. and you know, i think that we need to respect our own laws. i think that the city needs to respect its own laws. and do something about this. but, every time citizens have brought up the issue of these renegade, passenger vehicles, these commercial vehicles, cap able of carrying eight or more passengers absolutely nothing is done, it is just a quality of life issue. but it is important to people who live in the marina. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> as the da makes his way up there, i know that commissioner loftus was the commissioner assigned to northern station and i was at first and the commissioner lives in the
will only function efficiently if participants believe all laws will be enforced consistently and v violators will be punished to the full extent of the law. there should not be one set of rules that applies to wall street and another set for the rest of us. the department of justice wrote to the senators and said no corporate entity, no matter how large, is immune from prosecutions. prosecutors must determine whether there would be disproportionate harm to investors, pension holders, customers and employees and others not personally culpable. i can tell you the two senators called the response from the department of justice aggressively invasive was the term. they don't like that the department of justice didn't reply to a number of their specific questions about how often this has happened. they say they are going to ask eric holder when he comes to capitol hill this week. >> according to news reports, senator jeff merkley of oregon is annoyed at the bank hsbc and says not only will they not bust the institution they won't bust the senior bank executives. is that true? >> there is
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